At Breast Cancer Care, we know the need for support doesn’t end when treatment does. Whether you’re experiencing ongoing physical side effects, or finding it hard to make sense of your experience, it can be difficult to find your ‘new normal’.

BECCA gives you day-to-day strategies, hints and tips to empower and equip you to adjust to life beyond breast cancer treatment. The bite-size BECCA cards provide trusted information on everything from well-being and mindfulness to peer-led guidance – letting you know you’re not alone in your experience.

BECCA is your pocket guide to moving forward after breast cancer.

The BECCA project is generously funded by The National Lottery Community Fund to further develop the app, and help reach and support thousands more women at the end of treatment.

How we produce BECCA content

Each week, we add up to 10 new BECCA cards. We aim to develop content that is tailored to your needs, including seasonal content that addresses topical questions or concerns. We regularly review and update existing BECCA cards, so that content remains timely and relevant.

To ensure that we are delivering reliable and trustworthy information for you, every single piece of BECCA content is reviewed by our experts, including our team of breast care nurses.

Our approach

We believe that people affected by breast cancer should be at the heart of everything we do. From the start, BECCA has been an entirely user-centred project, with testing and feedback at every step. Overall, more than 1,000 users participated in the initial testing for the app, providing invaluable insights that were incorporated into its design and development.

An eight-month testing phase was also completed to refine our content and develop our tone of voice. Combining insight from users and analytics platforms, we were able to learn about what content users preferred and we continue to refine and update the app based on your needs.


We’re here to answer any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have about the app. You can get in touch with us by emailing becca@breastcancercare.org.uk. We endeavour to respond to all emails within two working days.

As a BECCA user you can also sign up to hear about future opportunities to have your say and help us test and improve the app for everyone.

A brief history of BECCA

In 2015, a comprehensive review of our digital products demonstrated that many women search online for information to help adjust to life after treatment. However, sifting through the abundance of information takes time and can be a stressful and overwhelming experience.

Through further research, women affected by breast cancer said they want to access trusted information and hear from others in a similar situation in a format that’s easy to use.

We were accepted into the Fuse programme run by CAST (Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology). The 12-week programme enabled our digital team to work with CAST’s digital experts to further develop the idea for a digital innovation to support women to live well beyond breast cancer, and build a prototype to pilot.

As part of the FUSE programme we were introduced to Super Being Labs, a social innovation agency focused on working with non-profit organisations to develop innovative digital solutions that put people first. Together we prototyped a number of ideas before identifying a card-based app as the most effective solution for fulfilling people’s needs and reflecting their tech behaviours and capabilities.

In 2017 we were awarded a three-year grant from The National Lottery Community Fund to further develop BECCA. We are working with Skim It, a company providing data science tools for artificial intelligence applications, to help generate content from online resources and introduce personalised content. Thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund grant, we will also develop a Welsh language version of BECCA and work with other charities and groups to offer the technology that drives BECCA free of charge.